We are a mixed club team from Madison, Wisconsin dedicated to the inclusion and growth of all ultimate players.

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2019 Roster

Alec Li *
Craig Howering *
Chris Moetell
Jayd Phelps
Chris Horsley
Patrick Kopp
Jordan Speicher
David Fabian
Paul Bolanowski
Andrew Taber
Brian Bierman
James Rosenberg
Justin Smith

Kara Vogel *
Rachel Taylor
Theresa Olson
Kendell Gilmore
Eli Milovets
Amanda Strickland
Brittany Storhoff
Alex Bock

* Captains

‘DJ’ Nick Hwang, Coach

Practice Players

Ben Roberts
Mike Schon
Daniel Cohen
Daniel Goldstein
Logan Campbell
Mark Snider
Ryan Miller
Robin Flick

Patrick Palanca
Lauren Koehler
Laurel Piper
Katie Pike
Mallory Prouty
Meghan Hawkins
Lani Jensen
Jess Gross

2019 Tournament Schedule

Wisconsin Swiss (6/15-16)
Spirit of the Plains (6/29-30)
MUDI (7/20-21)
Cooler (8/17-18)